Friday, November 8, 2013

Thirty Days of Thanks: The first 8 days

I know you've seen this going on all over the internet so I'll spare you the redundancy.  I want to be more thankful for the good in my life and stop dwelling on the bad. It seems to be a genetic trait with my family so I'm fighting an uphill battle.  In true Emily style here I am eight days in and trying to play catch up.( In my defense, we've been passing around a cold at my house. I love how we share.)

So here I go:

Day  1:  Fall 
 I love the colors, the textures, and the smells of Fall.  I wish we actually had more days with Fall temperatures here in Saint Louis. We seem to slip right into winter. But I will enjoy them and photograph them as long as I can.

Day 2: My health

With the thick of the winter cold season now upon us around here in Saint Louis,  I'm thankful that ,for now, in my family that's all we have to be worried about.... Colds. There are so many other people dealing with such horrible illnesses and life threatening /altering things that I'm thankful right now for the health of my family. May it continue to be strong.

Day 3: A van that works and is still under warranty
This year we finally took the plunge and bought a van.  I know we only have to kids and two dogs but man, it is super nice to have a van on a daily basis let alone for long road trips.  Last week, one of the spark plugs went bad and it needed a  computer upgrade and this and that. But it was under warranty and it didn't cost us anything. pheww ( forehead swipe)

Day 4: Clients that value my photography

I'm a photographer. I love taking photos and one of the only things I love more than taking them is knowing that someone else likes the images I am creating.  I am by no means 100% happy with my craft yet but when folks tell you they love them. That makes all of the learning, practicing, reading, and everything else worth it.

Day 5: Trader Joe's
I LOVE this store. It's affordable and most everything in there is free of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and a host of other things that my body just can't tolerate.  I don't feel bad feeding my kids anything from there. It's where I discovered my love of almond milk and fresh pineapple juice. Let's no forget about how friendly the people are there. Most of the staff are super friendly and glad to be there.

Day 6: Central Heating

It's only going to get colder and colder in the STL and I am so thankful that we have a house with central heating that works very well.  I'm always cold. Ask my hubby.  I don't know why. It could be because I'm petite and little or just because that's the way I was made. I'm just glad my house is warm when it needs to be warm.

Day 7: A Dentist that rocks

I've been seeing ( now my whole family does) Dr. Ron since I was 11. I'm going to be 36. That's 25 years. He's is an awesome guy that makes you feel like family. Now my girls can't wait to see him twice a year.  He has a tiny little place but that's all he needs. That and a prize treasure chest filled with goodies. He's in is 50s now and I don't want to think about when I'll have to get a new dentist because I hope he works past retirement age.  Right now  I'll just be thankful he's OUR dentist.

Day 8 : Puffs plus with lotion

Yes, I know it's not a deep thing. Now that I have my first fall/winter cold  I am so glad someone thought to invent a product that wouldn't make my nose raw with the 24 hours of blowing and wiping I'm doing at this very moment.  Being sick sucks. This one little thing makes it a little easier.


  1. I love that you joined in! Better late than never right? You also lead me to think it would be easy to do this annually by writing short snippets on Facebook & then compiling a week's worth!

  2. i love puffs with lotion, too. I'm totally annoyed that they don't carry them at our sam's club anymore. :(


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