Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 9 : A Good Veterinarian

Good animal vets are like good  people doctors, you have to like them and  you have to trust them.  We have know our veterinarian since before I was born,  he is a friend of my father's.  He's been doing this a long while and has the experience that the fresh out of vet school vets just don't have.  I hope he never retires but when he does, it will be hard to trust someone as much as we trust him. He does hire  newer baby docs and he seems to help them learn what they need to know.

 Our dog, Louie, has been having some issues lately and we've been visiting the vet more than we like but as with older people , it kinda comes with the territory.  We hope that he will be with us as long as he can.  But we know he's in the best hands he can be. If you are in Saint Louis County, Mike Klingler at Valley Vet is the guy for you.

Valley Veterinarian Clinic
590 Vance Rd, Valley Park, MO 63088

(636) 225-1155

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  1. Waaahhhh! She's back! A good vet is just as important as a good pediatrician. They are our babies and we want to be able to trust the docs that take care of them. Glad to see you writing again!


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