Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Wall Collage

You've heard it before from me.. I have a problem with empty spaces.  I can never decide what to put on or in them most of the time.  There was the mantel situation, the front door situation, and now it's the giant-empty-space-on-the-wall-behind- the- couch situation.

The one thing I did know was that I wanted seamless frames. I saw it on a Pinterest pin and I loved the way it looked. Clean and simple. Your pictures really stand out. And let's face it, they are WAY cheaper than canvases. I knew  Micheals had them so I went  and wrote down the sizes that they had that would work for the giant wall behind my couch. And since their frames are on sale almost every week,  it was very affordable.

I was lucky enough to have a  roll of white paper here at the house that the girls usually draw on so  I took  that roll of paper and cut out the exact sizes of the frames and taped them up to the wall to arrange and see what set up we wanted to have.

We decided on  3-16"x20"s and  3-12"x 16"s.   I went through the past winter's images and being that we had hardly any snow I had to go back  another year beyond that. I wanted to stay current but you gotta do what ya gotta do.  There are alot of guides/ images on Pinterest and some photographers websites that can give you an  idea on configurations.

I have an issue with symmetry... I LOVE IT!!!   My teachers tried to beat it out of me in art school but the OCD-ness in me can't help it. It calms me. I like when things match or there are two of something. Ahh.....the serenity.

When we first started thinking about this space it was fall and  since I couldn't decide on the pictures soon enough it has quickly become winter and the holidays so on to the winter pictures we go.

 My hubby had to help me with eye-balling where I should have the nails.  But it looks so nice to finally have something up there.  We plan on switching them out with the seasons.  I took a ton of cool pictures last spring, summer and   just this fall.  I can't wait to get them all up next year.

So what do you think?  Do you need any ideas on how to arrange pictures at your house?  I'd love to help you out.

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  1. Love the photos Emily! I LOVE how you incorporated some key elements into the collage! Fantastic idea!!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I hope to do this for all of the seasons.

  2. Looking good, looking very good!

  3. that's really cute! you need to come to texas to help me.

  4. What a great idea, to rotate pictures in and out with the seasons!! I get bored with the same thing, this is awesome:)

    Just hopping by to say Hi!!

  5. I love this idea! Thanks for linking up at the pinterest party! I am pinning this now! Www.pinterest.com/loveandcents

  6. Beautiful arrangement and adds so much to the room!
    Glad to have found you from the Snap "Show & Tell" Link-up!

  7. This looks wonderful!! LOVE the pictures you chose, even if they are last year's. :)


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