Monday, May 6, 2013

Pressed Penny Books for Disney World ( with Silhouette Files )

So begins my " May: Month of the Mouse" series. There are 6 parts to this series in anticipation of our trip to Walt Disney World. {squeal}

My girls love getting pressed pennies as souvenirs whenever we go to any kind of tourist attraction like our Zoo or Grant's Farm.

When I found out that  WDW had then and there were something like  over 500  different kinds, I was super stoked. This would keep them busy and  maybe distracted from all of the other more expensive stuff there.  Don't get me wrong, we're going to let them get a bunch of other stuff too but I wanted to keep it to a minimum.

I saw on that they had penny books but they were like  $20 a piece. way.  I went to my trusty friend Google and typed in Pressed penny books and up popped Ebay.  Normally Ebay and I don't get along. I've had some bad luck but I ordered two of the pressed penny books from
 seller tranzcollection  for $4.69 a piece and then they discount the shipping when you buy more than one. Pretty sweet, right?

They are 3.5" inches wide and  6.5"  inches tall black with  44 openings, 36 pennies and 8 quarters.  There is a front that's not too pretty and a back I can decorate... so I will :)

I wanted to keep it simple since it's a small space so not a lot of decor on these. And I wanted to use my Silhouette machine my hubby got me for Christmas and make it with vinyl  but I'm sure you could do any and all of this with paper and maybe a little ModgePodge to help it stick on?

K loves green and Mickey Mouse. S loves blue and Tinkerbell.  That made my design decisions easy I went online and found some images I liked and imported them into Silhouette deluxe edition to create my cutouts.  I also used the font Waltograph since it looks all Disney-like.

screen shot of my window open in Silhouette

After the designs were ready I cut them out and  applied them to the books...voila! I did have to double up my vinyl cutouts on the plain green color. It was very kinda transparent. It was Paper Source brand from Hobby Lobby.  The price was great but maybe that's what you get . In fact , all of the vinyl used for this was this brand.  I thought it cut well and did the job.  They have a bunch of colors available and I don't have to order off the internet in a pinch.

Now they aren't as plain as they were before.

I created separate files for the solid color cutouts and then the silhouettes of the characters and test. You can  download the files I created here.  I hope they come in handy for somebody?

Penny Book Micky and Tink Designs Silhouette File
Solid Color  Background Silhouette File

( My opinions are all my own about everything in this post.  Nobody gave me or paid me for anything)

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  1. Following from Take a Look Tuesdays!

    What a great, personalized way for them to keep their treasures. Two thumbs up!!!

    1. Thanks, LuAnn. The kids really liked them . Now if I can just keep the 3 year old from taking them all out :)

  2. Such a great idea!! I LOVE how you personalized these. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime. Pinning this.

  3. How would I do this with paper? Did the vinyl just sorta stick on there?

    1. If I did it with paper, I would use a little glue first and then some Modge Podge over the top of it to set it and make sure the edges don't come up.

  4. How did the pennies fit in once they're pressed?

    1. Gretchen, They fit great. No issues at all. They stay in there very well. The girls already told me they wanted new ones for our next trip.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to make these!

  6. Thank you so much for this file! I was so glad to find this tutorial, I wanted to make the kids one & not spend $100 for all 3 of them a book, plus my sister's 3 kids! This saved us some money for sure!!!!!!!!!!


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