Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Walt Disney World Autograph Books

I have to say I was super excited about the whole getting autographs thing down at Disney world.   I've  been seeing all kinds of cool autograph books that other bloggers and Etsy folk have made. Of course , I wanted to make some of my own. My kid's loved them.

I wanted a big sturdy book with a strong back and front cover because this thing is going to take some abuse, I'm sure of it.  Someone else I read said to make sure that you have the space to be able to put pictures of the kids with the characters. I knew then I was looking for a 5x7"  size notebook of some sort. I went and looked at Michaels and they had some with strong cardboard backs but thin yellow paper covers.  Boo. 

I went ahead and bought a whole bunch of Disney scrapbook paper and stickers. Along with some plain colored/patterned paper for accents.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and Ta Da !  I found some. They say they are for watercolor and mixed media. The pages are nice and thick and both the front and back covers are strong cardboard.  Yipee!  I was very happy.

I was trying to figure out how to make the paper fit the front cover so I took the original cover of the sketchbooks and used it as a template and cut away.  I even cut all of the little holes out. Then I cut a slit through the middle of each other holes to pop the little ends around the ring part of the sketch pad.

 I took some spray adhesive I ahd , went in the garage , sprayed and then quickly but carefully  put down the paper.  You have to be fast with that stuff. It wanted to stick right away and  I almost lost a piece of my paper. I kinda freaked out a little.

Then I created some vinyl letters and mickey head with my Silhouette machine. What can I say.... that 's things awesome! Also I added the stickers I bought and we had some books! To add an extra layer of protection , I Modge Podged everything.  I figured it would keep everything more in place and keep some dirt off of the paper. 

I listened to what everyone else said about the thick retractable Sharpies and Office Max happened to have a sale on them for .50!  I got K her green and S her blue.

I also didn't want the insides of the covers to be bare so I modge podged those as well.

Here are some pics of just two of the autographs we got. They are all so cute.  I'm also going to put a picture of each girl with the character by the page they signed. So they can open them up and see them anytime. The girls LLLLOOOVVVEEDDD getting the autographs!!!

We got Lady and the Tramp too!  You have to go into Tony's and ask the ladies at the front desk. They'll take your books in back and bring them back to you with their little paw prints on them. awww :)

Have you made a book like this before? Let me know. I'd love to come check them out and pin them.

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  1. You did such a nice job on these. I know your kids enjoyed them. We took our grandkids to Disney World 2 years ago, and I'd read about the Passport books in Epcot and how fun it was for kids to go from country to country and get theirs signed. But they cost about $10 each and with 4 grandchildren under 8, that seemed like a foolish expenditure. So I made some myself and they enjoyed them as much as the purchased books. But I never thought of making an autograph book. Great idea. And yours are so well done.

    1. Thanks, Gail. I didn't know about the passports. We did the " Duffy" bear that they got to take from country to country. It was free and they loved decorating it.

  2. I have made some myself! I have two posts about them:

    However, I think having them in a notebook is much better than my idea of using separate pages - it was much too fiddly!

    1. Thanks, Dara. But I really like how colorful and matched your pages were. My kids would have loved that.

  3. This is just too cute!! Pinning!! Now I am off to double check I am following you in all ways!!

    Hugs, my Sweet Friend!

    1. Thanks, Evelyn. You'll have to make one for you and the hubby when you go there to visit LOL :)

  4. Just saw you at Serenity Now.

    I looove the lady and the tramp autograph!! Good job on making the books. :)

    1. Thanks, Bargain Babe. They were pretty cute. I think I thought it was cooler than the kids did.

  5. This is SOOO cute, perfect for Disney trips! We would love for you to share at our new Super Summer Saturday party here:


  6. Love all the detail you put into this. Great job. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!


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