Thursday, October 9, 2014

I went to the 2013 I Heart Faces Photo conference { Part 2 }

The last day of the conference was the Photo Walk day.  I could have had two days of photos walks or at least a full day broken in half. I got so much out of it. But like any good candy bar.... I wanted more.

That morning Michelle and I went back into the little town by the hotel and went to the  little Mexican restaurant (I know, right?) for breakfast to meet her nephew and his boyfriend. We then walked around and took a ton of photos.  Everything was kinda  dark and damp but beautiful and fall.

We went back to the hotel to start our photo walk day.  There were five different stations and we were  broken up into smaller groups  to get to each one quickly.

See the lady in brown above.... that's Michelle.  And Julie Rivera behind her.

This was  Melissa Hutchinson and her beautiful daughter. Geez, it shouldn't be legal to both be that pretty and talented.

The beautiful brunette above is Angie Arthur's daughter(co-founder of I heart faces)  Had this been in my hometown, I would have totally volunteered my family. They would have had no choice. :)

And this cute couple below,  so awesome to photograph. I can definitely see the difference between kids and adults during a session..LOL.

The last  vignette  was this cute sister pair. I think we were their last group of photographers. They were SO done. Their mom and Dana were doing everything they could to get some smiles or at least cooperation  out of them. They reminded me so much of my girls.

I had a fantastic time.  I hope I get to go to another regular workshop through I Heart Faces again.  I won't  be able to make it this year. Sniff Sniff.  You should all go next time. I'll see you there.


  1. I love your pictures from the photo walk! Absolutely splendid.

  2. Another great recap, Emily! Hard to believe this was a year ago!!


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