Monday, March 19, 2012

Places I want to visit: El Dorado Royale....oh how I miss you

Hola! This beautiful weather here in St.Louis makes me think of where I want to go on vacation.  That could be very soon or just some day. So I decided to start the " Places I want to visit " series.

One of those places is the El Dorado Royale in Rivera Maya, Mexico.  To be fair, we have been there before back in 2004.  It was such a good experience that I would like to go back someday. It was really great. The flight was nice and short (4 hours) the bus ride to the resort was not too bad (45minutes)

View from main building looking towards the ocean.

The resort was visually beautiful and clean and sparkly. The staff was very friendly and I never felt weird or cautious. We had a beach view room with a king bed and jacuzzi tub. And a comfy blue hammock on the balcony.
Main Building

The restaurants were great. There was a fresh breakfast buffet with fresh omelets every morning and mimosas
(I mean...hello). There weren't any I was disappointed in.  It was just so nice to not have to cook for a whole week. Or do dishes. Or go grocery shopping.

Our building we stayed at

And did I mention that this is an adults only resort? yes....yes it is.  I love my kids more than anything in this world  but if I am going to leave them someday and go somewhere international. I don't want to be reminded that I miss them so much.  Nor do I want to hear anyone else's kid having a major meltdown. When we had gone there before we weren't even engaged so I didn't yet understand how relaxing that whole part could be.

J had flowers delivered to our room for our "dating" anniversary at the time.
Looking at the pictures now on the website and pictures from others we know that have gone... I can't believe how much the vegetation has grown and I'm sure how much else had changed in 8 years. There have been a few hurricanes that have blew in there since then and I'm sure they've tweaked things here and there.

Before we had kids, I compared every vacation we ever took, even our honeymoon, to the El Dorado Royale. It is  pricier than other places. But I would totally recommend it for an adult only mommy and daddy getaway.
 A photo of the beach and you can see the coral rocks so  you need beach shoes.

They did offer ( 8 years ago ) free shuttle down the road to Playa Del Carmen which is  beach town that is across from Cozumel and it is a great place to grab some food, drinks , and lots of great souvenirs.

A store in Playa Del Carmen.  That is all vanilla or tequila. Either way...yummy.
The whole street was totally pedestrian which was super nice.

Wish I was here ( and you too)

( I was in no way paid for this article. These are my own opinions. But if they want to give me a free trip, I wont say no!)


  1. how nice. i need to remember this place. perhaps....nikki's 40th birthday party location??

  2. Sounds like a plan. I'll start saving now


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