Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Have you ever been out and seen a guy or talked to a guy at the store and thought to yourself...."Man.. he would really get along with my husband/boyfriend. They have alot in common."

You haven't? I have.

My husband has great friends. Friends that would do anything for him anytime. Friends he has known since high school and friends he has met at work. But who doesn't want new friends and to meet new people that you have stuff in common with? It makes life fun and keep things from getting boring.

I think my husband would love to find more friends that would live within walking distance of our house. A guy with kids our kids' ages who is about our age.Who doesn't want a bud to go walk down and drink some "Buds" with in his driveway?  But what guy really wants to be introduced by his wife/girlfriend  to some stranger or neighbor he's never met before? If  they both didn't know it was happening...mmm....they might.

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