Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Furry Kids Photo Session

I was honored enough to photograph the dogs of my godmother and godfather a few weeks ago. I've tried to for years but usually with my kids near doesn't work out so well.  The dogs get distracted and you know how that goes :)

Having had dogs since I was born ( my first dog Trinket was 1 when I was born) I love taking photos of  anyone's furry family members.  I know how they work and what to try to get them to behave as best as they can.

Click the link below to see more cute pictures of their furry kids.

Furry Kids Photo Session with the Schafer Dogs

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  1. I spoke too soon in my e-mail! Glad to see you post. Love the dog pic. I love how the doggie laid in just the right spot in open shade!


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