Monday, April 2, 2012

What Would You Grab in a Fire?

I'm sure you've seen this somewhere before but if there was a fire/tornado/flood/ huge natural disaster what 5 things would you grab? And say you had 10-30 minutes. I hope none of us ever have to think of this but  I found this website : . And it made me think.

We would all say family, so should I even count that?  I'll count them all as one thing. That's including the dog.

So the other four things....

-Hard drive with every photo/video in our family history
-2 photo albums that aren't digital ( count as 1)
-All of our baby books ( all the same thing. count as 1)
-Important document Ziploc..yes I said Ziploc

( do you like how I justify all my multiples?)

All of them except the bag are in the same room, so it would make that grabbing fast and easy.

 And if timed allowed this is everything in the house I would want:

-K's stuffed Mickey mouse ( her favorite in these shirt four years)
-S's stuffed puppy ( her favorite in these short two years)
-Charlie's stuff ( old toys,dog tags, paw print)
-Camera Bag
-Wedding Dress
-Christening gowns
-jewelry (good stuff from parents and grandparents)
-Christmas ornaments( yes...I love them)
-K's Baby Box
-S's Baby Box

Everything else is the house is just stuff.  It really is just...... stuff. It really makes you think about all  of it and why we buy so much. And how we don't need it.


  1. perhaps you should put the jewlery and the ziplock in a fire safe and then if you don't get them, they will still be safe....

    1. I've though of that too but J's brother in law is a firefighter and I though at one point he said after so many minutes, they are useless. I'm going to ask him again.

  2. brilliant, karen!

    funny...i have heard this phrase, but i honestly have never thought about what i would get. just thinking about it makes me want to have a garage sale and get rid of everything i would have to worry about. :)

    1. You mean have me come down and help you organize..sweet.


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