Friday, February 10, 2012

All the pretty gowns

I've had the Christening gown(made by my mother) and the Christening gown my girls both wore( made by my mother) hanging up in their closets now for a few years now. It's not that I don't like looking at them but:

1. I don't want anything to happen to them.
2. They are long and are constantly in the way.
3. They are taking up valuable handing space.

My Christening Gown that my mom made

Close up of my Christening gown. So pretty! And look at the cute 1977 pink hanger.

The Christening gown the girls wore ( Grandma made)

Close up of front of girls' dress. Beautiful and Simple.

Close of the back of the dress. I love the little pearl buttons.

The girls were not able to wear my gown because I took too long getting them christened,  they were both about 1 or so.  I  was only about three months old. So you can imagine the difference in the cut of the gowns.  I went to Container Store and got the  medium archival safe garment box. I bought the size up from this box when I packed away my wedding gown a three years ago.  I loved my dress and on the off chance that either of my girls would want to wear it , I wanted it to be ready. But I digress...
Medium Archival Box from Container Store

I decided to put them both in the same box. I know it's not optimal to fold anything you are wanting to preserve but I don't have the space or the cash, to buy the under the bed box that my wedding dress is in for two Christening gowns. I think they'll be fine.

You have to fold the box together so it ends up looking like this with a lid.

My dress on the huge tissue paper

I started with my gown. I laid it flat on a piece of archival safe tissue paper that came with the box. It actually came with 6 huge pieces which is very nice.  Then I took another piece of  tissue paper and placed it over the gown.  I knew I needed to fold it in thirds, so I grabbed the gown with the tissue paper in my hands and folded it so the top of the gown would be on top of the folds.
My dress folded nicely in thirds

Then I got the Christening onesie, lace headband, the cute little shoes that the girls wore, and began to wrap them. I took a piece of the tissue paper,tore it in half, and wrapped each shoe separately so that the tissue paper would be stuffed in the shoe and cause it to  remain puffy and cute. Then I took the rest of that huge pieces of tissue paper and wrapped the onesie and headband together. I placed them on the bottom of the other side.
Christening onesie, shoes and headband for the girls

Everything but the girls' dress ready to go.

I then repeated the process for the gown that my girls wore. It's kinda sad wrapping that one up. My little babies already aren't little babies any more. I laid the gown down  on a piece of tissue paper and then laid another piece on top . Then very carefully folded the gown in thirds with the lacy, pretty top  resting on top of all of the folds.

It's hard to see( sorry) but the dress is in between two sheets of tissue paper and folded up one third at this point

All of the dresses and accessories are in.
It was placed next to my gown and then I stuffed the remaining tissue all around the two gowns and on top so they wouldn't be crushed. I think I'm going to put it either under my bed with my wedding gown or at the the top of one of their closets. I can't put it downstairs in the storage room. I just can't . And I hope some day someone will wear one of those gowns again.
See you later.

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