Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why can't I find those black undewear?

There a good reason why I can't find anything in my lingerie drawer....

Look at it.....

No really... it's ok. You can. It's just underwear. We all have them and we all have underwear drawers that look like this or I'm hoping you do.

We were at the Container Store the other day picking up stuff for the preservation of the baptismal gowns and the tiny toy art gallery.When I spotted this and it was on sale. (eeeee, the joy)

 32  clear compartment drawer 0rganizer {Container Store}

I was tired of looking at this so now I had something to combat the madness. I'm a simple underwear kinda gal and a stay at home mom so usually it's all about comfort. I just want to find the comfortable ones and occasionally I want a certain color depending on my mood.

I got the dividers out of the box , put them together and then placed it the drawer.

And above us is the pile. What a mess!

So I started by  separating them by color as much as I could. Then I got rid of the ones that are special occasion or special need, you know...the pantyhose, the fancy lacy ones, and spanx-like things. I have a basket in my closet for those. I got rid of the seasonal. Yes, I have some Christmas-ey ones with snowflakes.  I like to celebrate that season everywhere.

Then I started to fold them.

First in half,

then in thirds

And then they fit nicely into the little diamond shaped spaces. I sort of placed them by like color and then by which I wore more often towards the front. I did also fold some of my bras in half and stick them in there.  I'm sure most people would say not to but they really aren't good ones so...does it matter?

Then I started placing them by color,bikini, boyshort, hipster, etc. And then the ones that I  tend to use more often in the front. And Volia!  I can find things again. Yeah!  How long will it stay like this? eh... hopefully a while but we'll see.

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  1. ohhhhh...i so need one of those. my drawer looks like your starting photo!


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