Saturday, February 25, 2012

The I. B.T.C.

( TAP TAP TAP) I wanted to start today by welcoming all of you to the first monthly meeting of the  I.B.T.C.

Do yours look like these?....

Whaaaaat ?!  You aren't a member?  Gasp!

You mean you haven't heard of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee? Well, I have been a card carrying member since puberty began.  And I'm sorry to say but if you're cup size is more than a B. I'm not sure this is the group for you.  I know everyone has a different idea of what is big/small on themselves and other people but when like me you used to be an A and now have dipped into the AA category. I think that makes me a least the Vice Pres. so to speak.

Or these?
When you can shop for bras with the pre-teens, that makes you a member.

When you can wear a shirt with no bra on and no one can tell, that makes you a member.

When it's not even a handful, that makes you a member.

When you feel like a 14 year old boy in shirts, that makes you a member.

In the age of  B.O.B ( Big Ol' Boobies) us tiny girls feel the pain. Every picture in every ad for every type of clothes shows cleavage.  And if you don't have cleavage,  what does that mean for you?  I kinda gave up on the idea a while ago but  I've started thinking about it more lately.

You see... I breastfed my two girls, K and S. And I loved it. It was hard but I loved it and I don't regret it.  What I do regret is that after ending with S, the youngest, the small girls up top here shrunk even smaller. So much so I don't remember them ever being this small.  I kept thinking " Oh they'll come back."  And it's been five months and nothing, bupkiss, nada. No one tells you about this apparently very normal thing that can happen with breastfeeding. It was news to me that's for sure.

So all my bras are now too big. Yep, my tiny 34As are too small. I could fit another boob  on top of my boob in the bra. So I sucked it up and went looking for a bra that would fit my new girls.  And wouldn't you know it, I can't find a 34AA to save my life except online.  I just want to go into a store, try on a bra and then take it home.  I want to know that it doesn't gap, doesn't pinch, and just feels good against my skin. I want a bra made for  a woman not a girl. I want a bra that fits me right now.  Not for the boobs that I hope come back.  I'll keep my old pre-children bras for that.

I have tried on all kinds of 34A and even 32A bras in hoping that maybe this one will fit and  I don't need some funky size that no stores carry. I've tried Target, Kohls, Dillards, JCP,  Walmart, and Victoria's Secret.  Now Vicki's does carry 34AA online in various sizes and levels of padding but the kicker is you can't return them to the stores. So if you order the bras find out you don't like any, you have to pay the return them. That kinda sucks.

Victoria Secret Total Sweetheart Demi Bra ( not what I will look like in all)

I have also found another website that looks promising Lula Lu. They cater more to us less endowed ladies and the bras are actually pretty, feminine and made for people over the age of 13.

The Eberjey from Lula Lu

I am going to bite the bullet and order some bras from both sites to see which ones fit the way they should on me. I'm excited to have a bra that fits me again. I will discuss the bras and the fit when we meet for the next meeting of the I.B.T.C..

(TAP TAP TAP) Meeting adjourned.

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