Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two dads I know

(yep...that's me in the Wonder Woman Underoos in the pool with my dad and my little sister circa 1980)

My dad

I remember you reading me " Where is the keeper?" book over and over.

I remember you pushing us around the basement on a moving dolly. It was a fun ride.

I remember you making me chocolate malts in the blender.

I remember you getting me out of bed in the mornings when I was little, plopping me on the couch, turning on the lone ranger, and getting me my carnation instant breakfast drink.

I remember you helping me with words, math and other stuff using flashcards. And when I did good, I got stickers.

I remember you teaching me to ride a bike at the park, and looking back at you as I fell in the grass.

I remember you singing along to the radio and always humming along to the bass guitar beat of any song.

I remember you ironing your clothes every morning and blow drying your hair before work.

I remember when you would take us down to your work and we would roll around on office chairs through the mainframe room and getting boxes of chocolate milk out of the vending machine.

 I remember you tried to get me to horses whenever you could because I loved them so much.

I remember every night you would come home at 5pm on the dot in your suit and we would have dinner.

I remember that you would listen to KMOX every morning as you ate your cereal.

I remember you taking me to the Venture parking lot on a Sunday night to learn to drive and then just telling me to drive home.  Brave, brave man.

(Planting our new garden today. They helped their daddy alot.)

My husband

You are so good at getting them out and about. Doing sporty things that aren't my bag. They will thank you someday.

You play dress up and tea party more than any one should.

You  make time to sit with them, draw, and read books.

They will remember all the trips to Home Depot and Lowes  as their daddy time.

You amaze me with how soft and gentle you can be with our two little angels.

You are learning to do girly things very well. Keep up the good work.

You are the best daddy that they could have ever asked for.


  1. Awe. That was a great post. (I had those underoos, too. The best!)

    1. Thanks. I also had R2D2 ones. I'll have to dig up that pic and scan it.


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