Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogging Angels

I had heard about this cool thing Rosie over at Craftbotic was doing setting up bloggers to secretly help each other out.  I missed a few of the sign ups but this last time I signed up right away.

I knew I needed some help and hoped I could help someone else.

I was lucky enough to  get to be a blog angel to Mia over at  The Chronicles of Chaos.  She loves a good blogger swap! As I've been following her she's been involved  in a bunch of  blogger to blogger swaps. I'm wondering to myself, how did you find all of these?  But she sure has received some cool swag! She also adores her little boy, Dom  or Domenic.

I've been commenting on her posts, twitter feed and trying to get to know her and her blog.  When I received her as a match I didn't quite understand what it is she needed from me so I hope we can figure that out together and help her even more.  Hi Mia!

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