Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My favorite photography websites (for inspiration and education)

My friend Michelle over at Callia's Corner  just had a post about some of her favorite sites that she goes to for photo inspiration, learning, and info.  It was like she read my mind.  I love discovering where everyone else gets their info from.  I will find at least one new website to follow every time I go on a fellow photo lovers/photographers page.

I can't ever seem to get enough of learning about photography and everything that goes into it.  I wouldn't be kidding if I said I read at least an hour a day about photo stuff on the internet. I know, craziness.  I get lost in it.

I am fascinated by how shots are done, what people use to get those shots either programs/actions  or light.  Recently I've been reading about how to pose people and groups since I've been asked to photograph some friends and family. It's just mind blowing how much information there is out there on any given photography subject. I don't think it's ever possible to learn it all.

I feel like want more from my exposure on all of my images.  I want them to glow. Almost like the light is coming out of them.  So that is my goal.... to glow.

Click it up a Notch

Courtney is a mom who takes amazing photos and has a gift for teaching us to do the same. Tons and tons of great articles. I read her stuff daily . (if you're reading...Hi Courtney! Will you be my new BFF?)

MCP Actions

(So true, Michelle)  You can't ever forget about Jodi. I found Jodi through Pioneer woman's website and was immediately excited about her free actions and her very helpful tutorials.   I love seeing her pictures of her and her daughter because it reminds me of me and my girls. Except they  listen to her :)  I use her Facebook actions everyday to resize my blog pictures and place my watermark.  I WILL be getting some of her other actions very soon. Once I can decide....hmmm

I Heart Faces

As Michelle mentioned in her post,  I've  been coming here for their vast photo resources since it seems like the beginning of my  internet surfing days. So much to learn and beautiful examples to inspire.

Willette Designs

Her photos are to die for and she has really nice freebies like some actions, cards, and frames.  I really want one of her posing guides but I need to reign myself in on just one.

Michelle Kane

Again...actions, tutorials, freebies...videos.  You could be here for hours.  She has a new freebie texture that I'm trying to  really utilize. I found Michelle through a Saint Louis photographer/designer I follow/worship named Holly McCaig. ( see below)

Katie Evans Photography

Her color. Her depth.  Totally.  I learned how to really make a B&W picture pop through this site.  It actually helped all of my post processing more.


Some really fun really unique photo props, supplies, and gifts that you can't find anywhere else.

Emily Fuss Photography

This girl amazes me. ( and I can call her girl because she's 15 years younger than me ;P) So young and so wow.  It's no secret I love dogs and animals in general. The way she uses light. Again, something I strive to do. And she's been there for a while.  What a lucky gal!

Inspire me baby

More great tutorials and hints for any type of photographer

Nate Perkes

Great photo, tips, tutorials

Some local gals that inspire me.....

Holly McCaig

I've been following Holly since about 2007 when I noticed some photos she took of a coworkers dogs.  At the time she was doing portraits, weddings, and seniors. She has now since focused on her design/branding Two Pears Design with her friend Carrie. She still does take photos here and there, usually Seniors, and they are fan-flipin-tastic! Oh and did I mention she's a fellow Saint Louisian! She has the cutest trio of little dogs. You need to follow her Instagram feed just to see them. ( and if you're reading Holly....I want you to be my Yoda:)

Kristine Lynn

I found Kristine through her sister, Kelly over at Live Laugh Rowe. She takes those " glowing " photos that I was talking about earlier and I'm always excited when she has a new session on her blog.  My family and I get to be one of those sessions this Sunday. I'm so excited. I can't wait to share them with  y'all.

Karen Hendrix

I found Karen though Facebook and my sister.  She is an amazing wedding photographer who makes it look too easy.  I have been lucky enough to be her second shooter this fall. It has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much.

What is the Gunny Sack -Making the world Cuter -Debbie Doo -DIY Show Off
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Great Fun 4 Kids


 Tip Junkie - My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia -The Kurtz Corner
Sugar Bee - Romance On A Dime -The Winthrop Chronicles

 Someday Crafts - Sew Much Ado


Beyond the Picket Fence - Somewhat Simple - Live Laugh Rowe
- The Shabby Cottage The Taylor House- House of Hepworths 
Two In Diapers-Mommy Brain Mixer

Naptime CraftersStay At Home Nation
Young and CraftyMy Turn(ForUs)
Delicate Construction
Serenity Now
Here Comes the Sun


Six Sister's Stuff
Cheerios and Lattes
Natasha in Oz -Say G'Day


  1. Ok. Now I will have NO time to do anything because I have to check out all of these other sites. Believe it or not, I actually have Katie's book (so simple and effective!) and have also been to Courtney's blog on several occasions, but I have never heard of the others. Must check out NOW!

    PS - We really need to e-mail each other before a blog post. We are really on the same page with a lot!

  2. I agree. I will now have another reason to procrastinate. I can't wait to check out these sites. And I also follow Willette and love her!!

    1. LOL... I know like we need any more reasons to not do housework!

  3. I haven't really come across photography blogs, but now I think I may need to follow some. They look like they'd be super helpful!

    1. You totally should! It will change the way you take pictures. They have helped me tremendously.

  4. And now I am going to spend even MORE time online! Haha! One of my FAVORITE photographers to follow is Peekaboo Photos... I'm not even a photographer, and I just love her style, props,'s all amazing! You will love it!

    1. Wow... you are right. She has some amazing photos. I wonder where she keeps all those props. My hubby would kill me :)

  5. Your blog is so pretty!
    I love how soft and serene it is....
    You are very talented!

    hugs, Crystelle

    1. Aww... thanks, Crystelle. You make some amazing things as well. Love the signs.

  6. Thanks for this great round-up of photography sites!! I'll have to pin this for later. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. They are all worth a read for sure.

  7. Hey Emily!! Thanks for your sweet words!! You are so sweet!! Let's totally be BFF's ;)

  8. I love photography and successfully now i am an aerial photographer NSW. It really feels good to work in the profession where your interest is.


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