Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things I Love about St.Louis: Ted Drewes Custard

( This is the first in the new series...Things I love about Saint Louis. I've heard a bunch of people that live here complain about Saint Louis but I love living here and want to tell you why.)

It's very warm for April  here in Saint 80 degrees warm. So we packed up the kids last Friday night and headed into the city to go to my favorite ice cream place of all time....Ted Drewes. I grew up five minutes from this place and must have gone there a million times every summer. And even though now I live 30 minutes away, have two kids, and am lactose intolerant (sigh).  I still make it a point to go once a month when it's above 50 degrees. Yes, it's THAT worth it.

It's heavenly custard which is smoother and richer than regular ice cream. You can get it as a cone, a sundae, or a concrete. A concrete, for those that don't know, is a really thick shake with stuff mixed in it.  It's so think in fact that the folks down at Ted Drewes will hold it upside down when they give it to you.  If you can name it, you can put in on or in your custard. My new favorite is a sundae with caramel and chocolate. I use to get the Dutchman alot too. That is a sundae or concrete with butterscotch, pecans, and chocolate sauce. It's so rich and decadent.

You should have seen the rest of her. That's why she has the bib.

The girls are finally getting into the Ted Drewes experience. They dive right in now. Before I couldn't even get K to eat it. It was hard because I'm such a sweet tooth kinda gal. But S has been eating in since the first time we took her. They both only get the plain custard which is super good all by itself as you can tell....

In the summer, the place is so crowded that the line almost goes into the street and off duty cops come to direct traffic and help you find a parking place. They also offer Ted's by Fed-Ex with dry ice. It's pricey but if we ever had to move, you bet your Sweet Aunt Betsy that I would be getting it delivered.


  1. 1) i have twice had to pack up coolers of custard and dry ice and drive it to iowa.

    2) if you go on your wedding day in your wedding dress, rumor has it you get free custard

    3) it has been featured on the food networks's "the best thing i ever ate" AND "feasting on asphalt" AND on the travel channel's "man vs food"

    4) if you order a plain cone - they call it out by it's price. and i really love to sometimes just go and get a plain cone.

    5) the difference between frozen custard and ice cream involves eggs.

    6) fox treat baby! a sundae of custard, raspberries, macadamia nuts, and hot fudge. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Oooo.. I forgot about some of those fun facts. Thanks Karen!

  2. It is on my list for this weekend.

    1. Did you get to go? What did you get? I get hungry just thinking about it.


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