Friday, May 18, 2012

I'd like to thank the academy....uh... I mean Janice

Say what?

Janice over at Janice's Footsteps was kind enough to nominate me for the  Kreativ Blogger Award. Yippee. How cool is that? My first bloggy award. I'm pretty excited about that. Thank you so much, Janice. You are always reading and always leaving me great comments. I'm happy to pay it forward.(1)Thank You

According to the Kreativ blogger rules, accepting the award includes the following:
1. Thanking the blogger who nominated me to receive the award and providing a link back to their blog
2. Sharing 10 things about yourself that bloggers might find interesting!
3. Nominate 6 other bloggers to receive the award and inform them.

(2) 10 Things about me 10 things. I haven't even gotten my about me page up yet so I'll have to leave some things for that ( wink wink). I can give out all the good stuff, right?

So here are ten random things about me:

1. I'm pretty lactose intolerant. But I still eat ice cream because I love it. It's a very one sided relationship.

2. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. But Thursday is Friday-eve ( right, Tasha?) so it's a close second.

3. I can not play any musical instrument. But I wish I could play the guitar, ukelele,piano or violin.  I'll be softly pushing my daughters towards one  of those.

4. I've never been on TV that I know of and I'm not sure if I want to be.

5. I'm a night owl but I love the early morning. go figure.

6. I used to have two ear piercing per ear in high school and college. Man, I'm glad I didn't do more.

7. I've never really had a nickname except Em. Not real exciting.

8. Never smoked  a thing ( except second hand, yucky)

9. I'm not too much into hard rock. There are a few I like but not many.

10. I wouldn't mind seeing a ghost but it has to be a friendly, not ugly or scary one.

(3) 6 Great/Creative Blogs

Now I get to nominate 6 other blogging ladies who blogs I do I choose? ( I would also like to say that I lllloooooovvveeee all of my new bloggy friends and followers. Please don't be mad {timidly}.)
Erin @ My Very Educated Mother - always cooking, crafting, blogging, teaching , being a mom. She's a one woman do-everythinger.  Did I mention she's  has a degree in writing? So I'm not sure if that last word will bother her or not  :)

Megan @ Life, Love, and Lily at the Pendleton House -with her 40 before 40, she is accomplishing everything she wants to while creating, blogging and being a wife and mom.

Michelle @ Callia's Corner - She has so many great tips that are real and easy to do. And she just seems like a good friend to have around. We go to the library and  farmer's markets together ( ok not really but  we could)

Melanie @ Whimiscal Creations - Her clay sculptures are to die for. Every single one of them is cute.  I'm about ready to commission my whole family in clay.

Katie @ Katie Evans Photography - She has a clean  vibrant style of photography that speaks to me. And she pays it forward by helping the rest of us take better pictures. Meeting her is now on my to do list.

Katie @ Quality Cheap Home - She is so sweet and talented. She hosts a great linky party. She also has such a wide variety of craft, DIY, and transformations that there is something for everybody and you can't get bored.

I  hope everyone has a great weekend and if you want to pass this award on, I hope you do. It's really fun to tell each other  what a good job we are doing.


  1. Thank you!!! I had to do a quick check of the blog world before shutting down my work computer for the final time until the fall and saw this! I'll have to do a longer visit and check out the other blogs this evening when I get some computer time after Miss Lily falls asleep! :)

    1. You are welcome. You have a great blog and I enjoying reading it.

  2. Congrats & THANK YOU!! You are too sweet!! :)

  3. Aww, Thank You! And I love made-up words, especially when they're so flattering. :) Now, I'm going to check out these other awesome ladies!

    1. you're welcome and I'm glad the made up word was a good thing :)


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