Sunday, May 13, 2012


Me and  Mom on my Christening day-1978
You held me
You brushed my hair
You fed me
You rocked me
You helped me get dressed
You made things for me
You made me smile
You played with me
You listened to all of my questions
You thought all my drawings were good
You taught me things
You cooked for me
You made birthdays fun
You made vacations fun
You cleaned my room
You helped me with a million projects
You told me I was pretty
You told me he wouldn't be my only boyfriend
You told me that some girls are just mean
You told me to call when I got there
You told me to call if I needed a ride
You told me to wait
You told me you'd miss me
You told me I looked beautiful that day
You told me that she was just as beautiful as me
You held her
You rocked her
You told me I was doing good
You played with her
You helped me with her
You told me that she was also just as cute as she #1 and me
You still help me whenever I need you
You did more than I ever imagined as a mom
You are a strong person
You are what I am growing up to be
You are my mom and I love you.

S, Grandma, Me and K


  1. That was beautiful, Em! Happy mothers day!

    1. Thanks, Alicia. I hope you had a good one too.

  2. As soon as I read the first line of your header, I started laughing. That is also so me! I am visiting from the May Day Hop and am now following you. I would so love for you to link any of your posts to my first ever Link Party:) Hope to see you there.

    1. Thanks Evelyn. I think that even when I open the refrigerator sometimes. Thanks for invite. I'm there.


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