Monday, July 9, 2012

A Cute Saint Louis Cardinals Girl's Shirt

 We decided to take K to her very first Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball game. Up to this point she was so not ready to go. Nor did she care.  And when you go to a Cardinals Game you have to wear your cardinal gear/garb.  It's really great how we have such team spirit here.  But then I realized we had a problem.... I never see any cute Cardinal shirts for girls.  And since I have girls, gosh darn it, they are going to look cute and girly!!

What we did have were two generic Cardinal T-shirts  that had Albert Pujols name and number on therm.  And since he left our team,  J and I aren't very happy with him. But we don't need to go into that here.

I decided that I could reuse the Cardinal logo itself in a different way.  I went and cut the logo off the shirt.

I also went and raided my stash of old t shirts just waiting for the next t-shirt quilt and found a nice quality white shirt that I wanted to make a heart out of.   I traced the logo on a piece of paper and  made sure it would be big enough, then cut it out.

I  needed a plain red  tshirt so I went to Kohls and found, in the  boy section, a red plain t shirt with a pocket for $6.  I  borrowed my mom's seam ripper ( man I need one of those) and took off the pocket. You can see there was little outline but I knew the heart would cover that.

   I was going to use this stuff called Wunder Under that is sold at fabric stores that my mom had but it was really old and wouldn't stick :(    I used it for another project  before and it works great when it's not old.  At  Michaels , I  found  Aleena's Peel and Stick Sheets. It says they are for fabric , they are permanent, and washable. Hey, let's take a chance.  Since  I'm still a sewing newbie, I don't mind using stuff like this until I get better at it.

I laid the heart and the Cardinal Logo out on the sheets of stick and made sure I had enough to cover it.  The sheets are only 4.25x5 wide.

Then I had to cut around them and let me just tell you this is the stickiest stuff I have ever dealt with.  I tried the scissors and they kept getting stuck. I broke out the  X-acto knife and that seemed to work really well especially around the logo. You had to peel it off  and lay it down carefully so it wouldn't bunch up. 

 I put it on the shirt and it was  time to add a little border.   It looked so plain so I asked my mom about putting some kind of embroidery stitch around it and she showed me how to do a  blanket stick around the edge of the heart. You start from underneath and go up and through the loop you just made. BUt remember to come  up with your needle as close to the edge as you want your border to be. I didn't a few times and I had to redo it because it wasn't right on the edge. I hope the pictures below kinda show what I'm talking about.

The going up  part , right be the edge.

The going under/through the loop part
A close up of the stitch

All finished with the  blanket stitch.

After all of that I thought she still needed something else.  Rhiannon over at Being (mom)me made these firecracker  hair bows and  I thought...perfect.  I'll do a version  for K.  I had  bought some  red and white ribbon  at the store just in case.  I took a few strips and sewed them together adding a bow in the middle.

I got done with that and though the shirt still didn't look finished so I took some of the same ribbon ( which I though kinds looked like baseball stitching) and sewed  some bows on the sleeves.

Now.... I was happy with everything and when I showed it to K, she ran and told  daddy that mommy had made her a shirt for the baseball game.  I'm glad she liked it.  I'll post pictures soon of her wearing them.

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  1. That's adorable! I've seen pink Cardinals shirts but I have something against sports gear in wrong colors. However, I did almost buy it for lack of nothing else. But my girl hasn't gone to any games yet. :)

    1. Thanks. That's exactly how I feel when I see the pink or even greens stuff. It's just kinda wrong.

  2. That is SO STINKIN CUTE!!! And I love that the stitching resembles a baseball seam. Seriously, the whole outfit is just too adorable. I'm going to pin this now even though I am a Royals fan ;)

    1. LOL... I'm sure you can do the whole thing in blue and white if you HAVE to :)

  3. I love it!! I was born and raised in MO, and a Cardinal at heart! Now I live in a house with super loyal Rangers fans. LOL The World Series last year was a win-win for me either way. So glad to meet you at the party.

    1. Thanks. How do you not brag all the time that your team is always winning? hee hee. That probably was very exciting for you guys. His feelings weren't hurt were they?

  4. You are a very clever mom!! Very cute idea and I bet your daughter is going to be showing off her shirt to everybody at the game. Hope you have a great time.

    Take care,
    Pearl (Nikki Cavender's Aunt Connie)

    1. Thanks and Hi Aunt Connie! She loved and she did show it off.

  5. too cute! who knew you were so domestic? ;)

    1. Thanks. I know, right? Knowledge and learning are dangerous to someone who already crafts. As she's been teaching me things, a whole new worlds ( sing Aladdin right there) of ideas is coming to me.

  6. Found you through Tip Junkie. Being a Cards fan you totally caught my eye! What a great idea. I have an old Rolen shirt I don't know what to do with but you've got the right idea! GO BIRDS!

    1. Thanks, Becca. I'm sure there are tons of things you could make with it: pillow, scarf, dog shirt ! Great to meet another STL blogger.

  7. Great great job, Emily! This turned out adorable - I love that it's "girlie" without being pink {I don't "get" pro team gear in pink...}. And, the stitching around the heart gives such a nice finished touch.

    1. Thanks, Rhiannon. I know, pink? I get that it's a girly color but it's just not right.

  8. You did a GREAT job! I am sure your little girl was the cutest and the best dressed!

  9. It is so cute and it was even more cute on K.

  10. Super cute :) Featuring you tonight!! Happy Wednesday.

  11. Such a cute shirt! Nice job. I'm definitely pinning this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.

  12. OMG Great refashion! love it and what a brilliant idea! I would love for you to link this up to The CSI project this week. The challenge is refashions/upcycles. This would be perfect and you just might WIN! Come on over each week for a new challenge, new tutorials and new judges.

  13. This is such an awesome project and just so perfect. I used the blanket stitch years ago when I was applying cut outs to my daughter's baby blanket.
    You did an amazing job but did you make yourself one? Lol Yes, you need to make yourself one also.
    Thanks kiddo for sharing this super cute project at Freedom Fridays!

    1. Thanks. And yes, I should make one for myself but not as cute. I can't upstage her LOL

  14. The shirt looks cute! Thank you for posting on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week.


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