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Things I love about Saint Louis: Missouri Botanical Garden

This is the 6th post in my Things I love about Saint Louis Series. Check them out!

 ( This is a very picture heavy post. I can't help myself. I took 120 pictures. Consider yourselves lucky)

We are lucky enough here in Saint Louis to have so many amazing things to do, see, visit and eat. One of those is the Missouri Botanical Garden.   It is a beautiful  acre Garden and research center that you can walk through.

When J and I got engaged we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding since we felt closer to God out in nature than any other place we could think of.  But we weren't crazy,  we needed a backup area in case it rained.  We had been to the Botanical Garden before and heard there were a few areas to get married.  So we checked it out and decided on the Japanese Garden by the Lake and backup area in the auditorium.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is 79 beautiful acres in Saint Louis City that once belonged to a man named Henry Shaw. There is a Chinese Garden, the Climatron(big dome thing that is pretty warm and mimickes the rain forest), the Japanese Garden., the Children's Garden...there is a lot to see.  It is pretty much like walking into the prettiest park you have ever seen.  It is $8 for adults and kids 12 and under are free. Of course you can become a member and get discounts and free tickets to things. And if you are a Saint Louis City or County Residents and go before noon Wednesdays and Saturdays, you get in free. Not too bad.

We normally can spend about 2 hours there walking around, letting the kids play, and taking pictures.  This weekend we got to see the Lantern Festival. Of course we went during the day, not at night. I heard it was even better then (and it was pretty pricey) but I wanted to take pictures of the plants.

There were beautiful lanterns and sculpture all over the Garden. They were made from a satin material and flexible steel rods as the skeleton. So colorful and  intricate even in the sun.

They  had two dragons made out of china plates,cups, saucers and other plate ware.

See... plates, cups, saucers. Pretty amazing stuff.

The flowers, trees, and plants here were just beautiful. You can't even tell we've had a drought in this area.

There are two things that K looks forward to when we come here...the sheep sculpture to sit on...

 And the Children's Garden. There is a slide, cave, play store, jail, rope bridge, and other fun outside kids things to explore.

They also have some awesome sculptures there. And I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for a a sculpture. They are beautiful works of art and from a photography stand point, they are great models because they don't move :)

And she's my favorite...isn't she beautiful.  I want her in my backyard so bad. 

When my hubby and I got married here 6 years ago(ahh, the wedded bliss of it all)  There was an exhibit by Dale Chihuly. He makes gorgeous works of art out of glass in different forms. Here are two images from our wedding album to show what was there. Our photographer took these..not me.

They were able to purchase some of his work that is still there in the main building and a few around the garden.

They have a few big events here every year like the Whittaker Jazz festival, Japanese festival coming up during the Labor Day weekend and the Best of Missouri Market in October. They are crowded so get there as early as you can. And there is an additional charge because it is a special event. We really enjoy this place so much so that we signed up for a membership this year to enjoy more of what the Garden has to offer.

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    1. Thanks, Laura. I can't wait to see yours!

  2. I agree, this place is a treasure. It is actually on my way to work, so when I can, on Wednesdays I pop in and spend an hour. They open at 7 am on Wednesday for walkers. (and picture takers!) I love the photos you took, they have given me some good ideas.....where is the sculpture that is your favorite? I am trying to place it, and having no luck...I don't hit the Climatron often though, is she in there?

    1. I might have to get there early one time for the good light. She's over by the Tower Grove House on the side. If you just walked on the path in front of the house towards the lake and didn't look to your left, you'd miss her.

  3. I am in STL too. It has been way too long since I've been to the MO Botanical Garden...beautiful photos!


    1. Hi. Fancy. So great to meet another STL blogger. You should go to the Japanese festival. I've never been but I heard its great. Your site is great. I'm following you.

  4. This looks so fun!! I love all the pictures. Yet, another great hings to see in St. Louis. Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. It's another place you can go next time you are in town.

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