Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I probably won't do now that I'm a mom

I was at my book club a while back , talking with another mom. One who has kids much older than mine ( college age, high school and elementary). On a side note...this woman doesn't look a day over 35.  I can't hate her though because she's so nice, funny and likable. Sigh..

Any who.... we were talking about how when you are younger  ( teens, twenties, pre-kids) you are so much more adventurous and want to do all of these crazy things.  You really don't think a thing of it....until... you have kids.  You don't mind risking your own life but then you think , I want to see my kids  go to school, graduate, get married, have kids, etc. The list can go on and on.  She said her thing was skydiving.  Another woman in the group ( her mom )  said that she learned to fly a plane ONLY when all of kids were grown and out of the house.

So I started thinking... what did I think was no big deal or that I wanted to do that I won't probably ever do now  or until I'm much older.

Here's my list of things I may never do again or when my kids are much older:
  • Skydiving
     Don't want to go splat
  • Getting really really really drunk
     I want to be aware if my kids need me and don't want to do anything we all would regret some day.
  • Leaving the country without them
    This I may do later when they are older
  • Shooting guns
     So much can go wrong there
  • Riding or Driving in a fast car/boat/ small plane/ATV
     Really do I need to explain that one?
  •  Jumping Horses
     I used to jump but I fell off/been thrown off numerous times.  I don't know if I want to take that chance. But I may change my mind when they get older.
  •  Going to bars late at night in really bad parts of town
     Why did I ever do that in the first place?
  • Eating exotic foods that are alive
     eewwww and gross and food-poision-y

I'm sure there are more I could think of and will. If I do , I'll add them in later. Remember these are just my issues. I'm sure there is at least one thing you won't do now that you are a mom... what is it?


  1. That's pretty funny. It's a sign of maturity, I think! My kids are 25 and 27 and haven't reached that point yet - still doing alot of that stuff! It's funny how we think we are all invincible when we're young and now at my age, I consider myself a priceless antique and need to be taken very good care of!!!

    1. you're right , Jaye. We are all priceless and DO need to be taken care of. I'm sure they'll get there too. Most of us do.

  2. I can't say that I ever had an interest in eating anything alive :) although I do love fresh sushi - hard to find in the midwest

    1. I'm not sure I did too much but I know I FOR SURE don't. And I don't think I've ever had fresh Sushi. I bet that's really good.

  3. I completely get this post! I feel that I became a mother & a chicken all at once. Amazing how our thoughts & priorities change with becoming a mother.
    There are some things I've done in the past that make me scratch my head and wonder, "What was I thinking? I'm lucky to be alive!"

    1. I have too many of those thoughts to count, Gina. And I may or may not tell me kids about some of those moments :)

  4. My parents and I were discussing something similar to this yesterday. We just built my daughter a play yard/slide thing and it sits about 6 feet in the air. My parents, especially my mom, was super worried about my daughter jumping off of it. I had to remind her that my brother and I would jump off higher things when we lived in the country (and were older than 3). She knew of this but had to be reminded that it'll be ok.

    However, when it comes to Lily, I am definitely finding myself worrying more. A lot has to do with my brother's death from cancer. I am SUPER paranoid that something will happen to me. Part of me knows this can be crazy, part knows that worrying could make it worse, and part of me can't stop. I've gone to doctors, gotten check ups, and continue to try to be healthy. There's only so much precaution you can do. But I still worry. I think everyone is my family is acutely aware of how life is so short. We lost my uncle to a heart attack at 60. My brother was 31. My aunt died of cancer in her 50's and her son, my cousin, was killed in a car accident at 15. We've seen a lot that makes you worry!

    1. Wow, you're family has been through so much. You are a strong person. I'd be a nervous wreck was you so I applaud you just not freaking out every minute of every day. I'm such a worrier that I'd be a mess. I hope that you and your family doesn't have to endure any more for a long time to come.

  5. I so don't drink that much anymore. Not only can I not handle alcohol the way I used, a hangover with two small kids is never fun!

    1. Yes... the aftermath along with non-stop "Mommy, mom, Mommy, Mom " is enough to drive you batty.


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