Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage School Room Mantel

I've just started getting into decorating my mantel after joining the world of blogging. Everyone seems to be doing it and it looks so good when there's something on it. My poor mantel has been bare minus a photo here and there for  5 years now. There's always a Christmas mantel but  unfortunately it has to come down in January :(

The mantel decor that I did for  4th of July/Olympics was alot of fun and  I kept it up through the Olympics from about   July 10- end of August ( I'm lazy) But now it's time for school and fall.  I'm not ready for pumpkins yet so I needed something "schooly".

I started looking around my house for school type stuff. And I made this...

 I had a small chalkboard we found at a thrift store that was originally going to go outside on the playhouse.  And I had some Ball jars left over from some pickles my godmother gave me. Add some sunflowers from Trader Joe's and there's the first part.

It seems like I have an love of primary colors (and maybe I do). I wanted some garland to drape across the mantel. I went to Hobby Lobby got some super cute blue ribbon with polka dots and some felt to make some apples. I drew an apple. Then cut out the pieces individually and then super glued them together and then to the blue ribbon.

The little white owl came from Target. I will someday put him in my newly redesigned office. So he's not old but he fit nicely with everything.  My godmother had also given me a bunch of old books that were hers along time ago. I had kept them becuase they were so cool looking and were actually books I read. Look at how cool and aged they are...

 I had this old brownie camera that my grandpa had given me years ago that I was using on top of a shelf.  I love the worn edges and the simplicity of the old cameras. It  just makes me think of first day of school pictures that my grandpa/grandma would have taken.

Something still seemed missing , so I asked my mom if she had anything vintage schooly and she said she had this lunch box that belonged to my uncle.  How great is that?

Here is everything together. I have to apologize for the lighting. This room has one source of light and it is a glass door to the right of the fireplace. I had  to use overhead fan light and lamps to help light the space. Not the best as far as lighting goes.

And so you all don't think everything here is perfect....this is what the rest fo the room looks like....

I love back to school time. with all of the books and supplies. What makes you think of school? What would you put on your "schooly" mantel?

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  1. This came out so C U T E!!! I too have my mantel sit bare except during Holidays this has inspired me to set up early with Fall :)
    The camera is a treasure for sure what great memories an so perfect with school beginnings. Great job

    1. Thanks, Janice. I started thinking that it is kinda a shame to have it all bare and boring all the time.

  2. This is so cute & so creative too! The old lunchbox is a great addition.

    1. Thanks, Gina. It does go in there very well. Great house tour btw!

  3. Emily, Your mantle looks precious! My husband has that same lunch box! (Along with 150 others in his collection!) And, that camera just finishes off perfectly! Life to the full, Melissa

    1. Thanks! Wow, he had that many. That is quite a collection. You're blog is adorable. I'm a new follower

  4. That lunch box is great - I so wish I had all of the ones I had in grade school. I also like the old books, and like you, keep/look for old versions of ones that I read as a child. Great look for that mantle!

  5. Cute Mantel! and the LUNCHBOX!! my hubby would LOVE that!! and the more and more I look at owls, the cuter and cuter they get!

    1. Thank you. The owls do kinda grow on you. They've been pretty trendy and I didn't want to like them but now I do.

  6. Ooooh- your owl and apples are adorable! What a nice idea for inbetween summer and fall decos!
    Found you on the Romance on a Dime Hop- if you'd like to link up with Ladies Holiday on Wednesday for a book hop and/or Friday to add your favorite photos (from a post is fine!)we'd love to have your contribution!

  7. It looks so cute! I love all the details with the books, lunchbox and camera. Very neat.

    1. Thank you so much. It's just nice to have something up there again :)

  8. Wow - this is so cute and creative!! I love everything you put together - it really works. Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday. Pinning this.


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